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Authorised waste management code E-1140.09 - E-572.98
Waster transporter code: T-764

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Company Policy

The company Santos Jorge S.A. is devoted to the collection and recycling of waste. Founded in 1946 by Manel Santos Jorge, today the company is fully compliant with EU guidelines on waste management and the reuse of waste.

The company’s management is committed to:

Mission: To offer our customers a quality service to ensure their satisfaction and loyalty year after year.
To ensure the best use of the resources needed for transport and prevent pollution at all times.
To comply with existing legislation guaranteeing the safety of customers , staff and citizens.

Vision: The vision of the company is to maintain a good position in the waste management national market and to maintain and improve good brand recognition.


Customer service: To ensure that all the activities meet the needs and expectations of customers.

Commitment to results: Ensuring that our activity meets the requirements of our set goals, and to improve those by optimizing all available resources.

Continuous improvement: We strive for improvement in all our services, and that is the guarantee of success in our management. We work to reduce errors to the minimum, through anticipation, preventive tools and designing management strategies. We implement appropriate measures for the prevention of pollution in all services linked to the organization.

Team development: Our staff is our most valuable asset and we encourage self-initiative in all areas of the business. We provide the training and necessary preparation for the development of staff the fulfilment of their tasks, making sure we achieve our objectives in terms of quality, professionalism and commitment to the environment.

Teamwork: We work together to achieve a common goal.

Compliance with legal requirements: We are committed to complying with the requirements related to the service provided, including citizens requirements, legal requirements, and voluntary requirements.

This statement of intent will be reviewed annually by the management to ensure compliance.